Our National Philanthropy is the Special Olympics. In 1968 the Chicago Chapter participated in the first International Games held at Soldier Field. Clipped Wings® has participated with Special Olympics National and World Games in several ways including; planning and hosting receptions for parents and guardians of the Athletes, Cessna Airlifts, organizing Award Ceremonies, and providing Family Lounges.

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Special Olympics World Games in Dubai March14- 21, 2019. 

Clipped Wings® members have time to sightsee before their volunteer duties begin at the Special Olympics.

Picture 1- Welcome to Dubai Airport, picture 2- Burj Kalifa, tallest building, more than 125 floors tall!, picture 3 – Off to the Mall, picture 4-Special Olympics Logo made of red carnations and white flowers, picture 5 – Leaving Dubai

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The 50th Anniversary of Special Olympics was celebrated in July 2018.

From the very beginning we were a part of the effort, so it was a thrill to be honored guests at the Reception and the Ceremonies. Two of our members who were there at the first games returned, along with our Clipped Wings National President for the celebration. Please note the striking Eternal Flame installation. On the day of the dedication there were massive storms, so the ceremony had to be cut short. As always the Olympic and Clipped Wings® spirits prevailed.

SEA members prepare lunches for Special Olympic event in July.

Presently, we provide Grants for the Athletes families to travel, and watch their loved ones participate in the Special Olympic National & World Games.

We continue to seek avenues to best support the developmentally disabled, and other charities on both a national level and in our local chapters.

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O’Hare Chapter adds a van to the fleet for Countryside facility. They previously donated a truck to them. 

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Children deplane after flying to the North Pole on Fantasy Flights across the country.

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The Newark Chapter decorated a room at Ronald McDonald House