History Of Clipped Wings®

In 1941, Jacqueline Jos Ceaser of Chicago, located (7) seven other former United Airline Stewardess to retain flying days friendships. This group of ladies began multiple charity pursuits with resulting publicity during WWII that brought the group to United Airlines attention.

The name Clipped Wings® was chosen to reflect what happened in those days when we married or had to retire at 31 years old. We had our “Wings” clipped. Today, Clipped Wings® is a National 501(c)(3) organization with approximately 1300 members in 29 chapters across the country.

Since 1951, we have come together to enjoy the camaraderie of our members at meetings and conventions throughout the United States. Our mission has always been to help the developmentally disabled.

We have been involved with Special Olympics events across the USA, and in several countries worldwide, including; Canada, Ireland, Austria, and Japan, since 1987.