Who We Are

Clipped Wings® is an organization for current and former United Airlines, Capital, Pan Am and Continental Flight Attendants, Stewardesses, Hostesses to “Continue the Connection” with chapter meetings, lunches, book clubs, pop up activities, fund raisers, volunteer hours and a biennial convention. 

We support Special Olympics, our National Charity and organizations working with persons with developmental disabilities and amateur sports. Our members have an opportunity to serve in many other philanthropic projects in their communities.

Clipped Wings® operates as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, and adheres to the policy of being nonpolitical, noncommercial, nonsectarian and nonpartisan.

Also, we visit, as a group, various places of educational and/or philanthropic value.

SAN Diego chapter visits the Surf Museum! These gals go everywhere and dress for the occasion.

We reminisce about flying days, renew friendships, laugh, make new friends and support each other.

Fantasy Flights

Every year wherever United flies across the world, they sponsor “Fantasy Flights” which take Foster Children, children with special needs, and Children of wounded warriors and those who are still serving abroad up in an airplane for an hour flight. They land at the “North Pole” created by volunteers from all departments of UAL. Clipped Wings participates in many cities. Here are members from Chicago, O’hare, Los Angeles and Orange County helping out. We love this activity.