From Dona Sizmore Jennison, 

Past National President

As the newly elected National President 2016-2018, I have the honor, (along with a board of directors, and a host of committee chairmen) to help lead this special organization into the future. In order to move forward, we first recognize and honor those who have gone before us and who have carefully and thoughtfully built a foundation of service and an unyielding network of friendship that is unique and wonderful.  It has kept us going for 75 years, the longest running UAL retiree group.

As you roam through our website you will notice our strong value system:  Our devotion to our mission of helping others and the strong ties of friendship we have bonded.  The organization was founded because those early founding members didn’t want to lose touch with their former flying partners.  Nothing has changed over the years, whether you flew in the early days and were forced to resign, or you are currently flying, or you have retired or are getting ready to retire – Clipped Wings® is a home where jump seat therapy is understood and even invited.  It’s a place where everyone took the same test (pre-hire) giving us more similarities than differences. So, no matter where we go, we seem to have a sense of knowing one another and an uncanny kindred spirit.

I’ve marveled at the depth, breadth and strength of our members.  They reach out beyond themselves to achieve heights of success, help others, overcome adversities and hold each other up wherever and whenever needed.

These amazing members have inspired me to create a theme for my term: “Hear Our Roar!” And for a little fun and ongoing unity I’ve created an activity that will thread its way through our 29 chapters nationwide – from member to member where we will see the creativity of everyone and we will enjoy “The Kinship of the Traveling Scarf.”  A leopard print scarf will be presented to each chapter and they will be able to have fun with it, take pictures with it and then send in the pictures to be posted on this website.  All to remind ourselves that we are strong, have a sense of humor and to let the world “Hear Our Roar!”


And the scarves travel.

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